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Excess Eyelid Skin

Too much skin on the upper or lower eyelids is a common issue. Like all skin, the eyelids lose elastin and collagen with aging, creating loose and excess skin. This skin then creates baggy eyes that can make you look older, tired or even sad. The condition is called dermatochalasis, which can be congenital, as well as acquired through aging. Blepharoplasty can remove excess skin from the eyelids, creating a more youthful, revitalized appearance. Dr. Rousso, at our New York facial plastic surgery clinic, performs dermatochalasis surgery to transform baggy eyes and your overall facial appearance.

Aging is the most common cause of loose, excess skin above and below the eyes. This can create a droopy look to the eye that makes you look tired or upset. Baggy, excess skin under the eyes also makes you look tired and older. To remedy the issue, the excess skin must be carefully removed and lifted through blepharoplasty. This eye procedure can be performed on the upper, lower or both eyelids, depending on the patient and the desired result. Dr. Rousso focuses on creating beauty and balance to ensure the eyes look rejuvenated, yet natural, for exceptional results for our patients seeking excess eyelid skin removal.

Dermatochalasis Surgery

While most of our patients with excess eyelid skin acquired this condition due to age, dermatochalasis or excess eyelid skin can occur at any age. In some cases, the skin can interfere with vision, as well as have an impact on the appearance of the patient. Whatever the cause, blepharoplasty can be used to remove the excess skin for form and function, creating eyes that look open and wide-awake.

If you have dermatochalasis on the upper or lower eyelids and want to correct this condition, contact our office in Manhattan to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rousso. You can look younger and more energetic, as well as correct any visual issues caused by excess skin through cosmetic eyelid surgery.

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  • Dr. Rousso was spectacular. Smart, listened to my issues, asked a variety of thoughtful questions to help identify and resolve my issue. Would absolutely recommend him to others. He was warm and personable and wonderful that he speaks Spanish. J. B.
  • My son had a cleft lip and now he looks like he never had it! Thank you so much! M. T.
  • Dr. Rousso is absolutely awesome! M. Z.
  • He was super kind and mindful of my comfort!!! Highly recc! G. R.
  • Dr. Rousso took his time and answered all of my questions or concerns. S. S.

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