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Rhinoplasty Surgery in NYC

Are you looking for rhinoplasty in NYC? Rhinoplasty (or Nose Job Surgery) has been one of the top cosmetic surgeries for decades, popular among both men and women. The nose is one of the most dominant features on the face, impacting overall facial balance and attractiveness. When the nose appears too large, small, flat, or wide, it can be distracting and overshadow the eyes, mouth and other features. Carefully designed and performed rhinoplasty can have stunning results, but effective rhinoplasty requires extensive experience and expertise in this specialized area of facial plastic surgery to get the desired effect.

New York rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Joseph Rousso is a dual board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty, performing an average of 120 nose jobs or nose cosmetic surgeries every year. His extensive training, education, experience and artistic talent for plastic surgery are the desired attributes needed for the precise nature of rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Rousso created his “3-DREAMS” proprietary method and approach to rhinoplasty, standing for “Three-Dimensional Rhinoplasty that is Elegantly Aesthetic & Medically Secure.” His goal is to create a beautifully balanced nose that blends in with the other facial features while protecting the important functional role of the nose. If you are searching for a renowned NYC rhinoplasty expert, you are in the right place.

Dr. Rousso has perfected a technique for his rhinoplasty patients where he can avoid packing your nose for a more comfortable patient experience.

What are the types of nose jobs?

Nose job surgery or Rhinoplasty in NYC can vary widely to accommodate different desires and needs, but the optimal result assures an aesthetically pleasing nose that is also stable in its function of breathing. The spectrum of rhinoplasty surgery is extremely wide and can include hump reductions, tip definitions, decreasing bulbosity, shortening the nose or thinning the nose. Conversely, many patients need dorsal augmentations, rounder tips, lengthening of the nose or widening of the nose.

Rhinoplasty – Ethnic

As rhinoplasty is a specialist area of cosmetic surgery, it is important to choose a NYC Rhinoplasty surgeon who understands the complexities involved in each patient’s treatment. One of the areas where Dr. Joseph Rousso excels is in carrying out rhinoplasty surgeries that take ethnicity into consideration. Your ethnic background determines the shape and structure of many of your facial features. A one-size-fits-all approach is therefore not an option when providing surgeries such as rhinoplasty.

Due to the role of ethnicity, the look and function of the nose play a key role in why and how a rhinoplasty is performed. Dr. Rousso is a skilled NYC Rhinoplasty surgeon and has the skills needed to achieve desired results without impacting on important structural elements or functions of the nose. You will benefit from a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Rousso as part of an assessment for suitability for rhinoplasty surgery. This provides patients with the opportunity to ask questions and further explore the risks and benefits of going ahead with treatment.

Dr. Rousso is able to offer rhinoplasty surgery that can either reduce or enlarge focal features that are prominent identifiers of ethnic background. The shape, width or height of the nose can be changed so the patient’s nose better blends with other facial features. Symmetry is an important element to consider when it comes to plastic surgery, so Dr. Rousso will happily provide patients with key insight into how a rhinoplasty will affect the overall appearance.

Rhinoplasty – Teen

Teens are the most susceptible to loss of confidence, given the environments in which they socialize. While this is often considered a normal part of growing up, a rhinoplasty may help a teen feel more comfortable in his or her skin. This type of procedure for teens is not unusual and Dr. Rousso is more than capable of delivering outstanding results. The size and shape of the nose are typical features that impact on a teen’s experience in high school. Your teen can attend counseling with Dr. Rousso to discuss the implications of a rhinoplasty before you commit to going ahead with the surgery.

It is understandable to have concerns about a teen having a rhinoplasty procedure or surgery. Dr. Rousso understands all the associated medical risks and social ramifications. One of the key concerns from Dr. Rousso’s point of view is how any rhinoplasty procedure or surgery will impact on the continued development of the nose. It is therefore essential that he completes a full assessment of the teen’s physical and emotional viability for any NYC rhinoplasty treatment.

NYC Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery

Although relatively common, rhinoplasty procedures and surgeries are often complex in nature. In the case that a rhinoplasty goes wrong or doesn’t deliver desired results, a rhinoplasty revision is needed. Patients can trust in the accomplishments and skill-set of NYC Rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Joseph Rousso to fully evaluate any errors made in surgical techniques and provide recommendations for effective revision.

The functionality of the nose is important to consider during any rhinoplasty procedure. However, when errors have occurred during a previous rhinoplasty, it is even more important to seek revision from a NYC rhinoplasty facial plastic surgeon who can carry out further, effective surgeries.

With countless successful rhinoplasty revisions under his belt, NYC Rhinoplasty Surgeon Dr. Rousso can offer patients assurances of likely success. All rhinoplasty revisions are subject to a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Rousso at his Manhattan, New York offices. You will have the opportunity to share your concerns about going through another procedure and what ultimate expectations you have from a rhinoplasty revision. This is your chance to get to know Dr. Rousso, so you may discover for yourself that he understands complex needs and how to offer solutions that work.

A rhinoplasty revision should correct previous issues that are impacting structure and function in the first place. The nose is one of the most delicate facial features, so an experienced NYC rhinoplasty revision surgeon is a must. Dr. Rousso’s first concern is ensuring that the structures which support the nose remain intact. The next challenge is determining whether functionality has been affected and creating a rhinoplasty revision plan for the patient.

Saddle Nose Repair/Collapsed Nose Repair

Loss of cartilage in the nose compromises the structure. This is an issue that you should not ignore as the ultimate result is often the nose reaching the point of near collapse. This condition, known as saddle nose, is rare but can greatly impact the life of the patient. The aesthetics and function of the nose are affected by saddle nose. It is recommended that patients who suffer from saddle nose attend a consultation with a plastic surgeon that specializes in complex rhinoplasty surgeries.

You will find that NYC rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Joseph Rousso is relaxed and easy to talk to when you seek consultation at his Manhattan offices. During the consultation process, you will receive helpful counseling on the risks and benefits of reparative rhinoplasty surgeries and procedures. When the condition is affecting the functionality of the nose, Dr. Rousso will guide you through the process of making corrections to provide relief that will allow you to once more breathe comfortably through your nose.

There are a number of potential rhinoplasty techniques which Dr. Rousso may use in order to correct structural or functional problems arising from a collapsed nose. You are ultimately in control of your own treatment path with Dr. Joseph Rousso acting as your expert NYC rhinoplasty  surgeon and guide to rhinoplasty options for repairing a collapsed nose.

Deviated Septum Surgery (Septoplasty)

If you are experiencing moderate to severe discomfort when breathing, the source of the problem could be your nasal septum. The nasal septum is found inside the nose, separating the nostril passages. A deviated septum is the usual suspect when patients have difficulty breathing through the nose. One of the most likely causes of a deviated septum is blunt force trauma to the nose as the result of an accident, resulting in the collapse of the nasal cartilages and, consequently, blocking of the airways.

NYC rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Rousso will bring patients with a suspected deviated septum into his Manhattan offices for a comprehensive examination, which will include an assessment under anesthetic before a rhinoplasty is considered. Dr. Rousso’s primary concern is ensuring that a rhinoplasty is the correct and most viable option for the patient before performing the procedure. The type of rhinoplasty procedure that is typically used to correct a deviated septum is known as a septoplasty. Only plastic surgeons with the skills possessed by Dr. Rousso are capable of performing this complex surgery and delivering excellent results.

NYC Rhinoplasty Specialist

NYC rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Joseph Rousso is a caring and dedicated cosmetic and facial plastic surgeon who understands the needs of his patients. He specializes in tailoring recommendations for procedures and surgeries to the specific needs of the patient. It is his aim to ensure that every patient can take advantage of a one-on-one consultation in the comfort of his Manhattan offices.

During the consultation, you can ask questions and discuss concerns about the outcomes of rhinoplasty procedures or surgeries. Dr. Rousso will provide honest answers and advice to help you make an informed choice about your own treatment plan. It is also helpful to supply old photos, which can provide Dr. Rousso with a visual of the natural shape, width and height of the nose in the case of patients who have suffered injuries.

If you desire a different shape to your nose, you want the best in this specialized field to perform your cosmetic surgery. Contact Dr. Joseph Rousso, New York’s premier rhinoplasty surgeon for a consultation. Learn more about the options available in reshaping your nose and improving your overall facial appearance.

More Information About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty – Reshaping the Nose

The term “rhinoplasty” is derived from two Greek words, rhis – nose and plassein – to shape. People choose rhinoplasty for a variety of reasons, both cosmetic, to enhance the appearance and medical to improve the function of the nose.

Enhancement can involve removing a bump or hump on the nose, changing the size or flare of the nostrils, making a large nose smaller, reshaping the tip of the nose and other aesthetic changes. Medical improvements include procedures such as repair of the nasal valves or removing obstructions that interfere with breathing.

Nose Job vs. Rhinoplasty

The term “nose job” is an umbrella term for surgeries involving the nose. They include both rhinoplasty and septoplasty (repair of the septum). Generally, the term is equated with reshaping the nose for aesthetic purposes.

Rhinoplasty is the formal or technical term for these surgeries. Both terms refer to the same type of surgery, although the more formal term encompasses the full depth of surgical procedures that can be performed on the nose. It covers both aesthetic reconstructions and those procedures required for medical reasons. Reconstruction of the nose after an accident or cancer treatment are examples of medical purposes for rhinoplasty.

In some situations, a rhinoplasty will address more than one issue. For example, a patient with a deviated septum may also want their nose straightened as well. Dr. Russo can improve the function of the nose while at the same time improving the appearance. Often a septoplasty, repair of the nasal septum, is part of reconstruction surgery. In these instances, your looks as well as your health benefit.

Rhinoplasty involves changing the basic structure of the nose. There are two main approaches through which this is accomplished.

The Closed Approach for Rhinoplasty

Also called the endonasal approach, this procedure is performed through the nostrils with no external trauma or cutting of the nasal skin. All necessary incisions are made on the inside of the nose.

The main advantage of this approach is that the procedure leaves no scarring on the external surface of the nose. At the same time, the disadvantage is the limited visibility. This type of rhinoplasty can be challenging to maneuver about; however, since the nasal skin is not affected, surgeons can often get a better idea of the outcome. Any swelling that occurs will not be related to the external part of the nose. If the tip of the nose is involved in the procedure, it will show some swelling after surgery.

The Open Approach

The open approach is used for more complex reconstruction surgeries. This method also allows for greater visibility. In this procedure, the soft tissues and nasal skin are gently peeled back to reveal the underlying structures of bone and cartilage. A small incision at the base of the nose called the mid-columella, and a few internal incisions allow for the external tissues to be lifted back. The visibility provided by this approach makes it easier for the surgeon to perform the reshaping of the nose structure. This is particularly important with more involved cases. Though the open approach provides better access, it also has its disadvantages.

After completing the reconstruction, the nasal tissue flap and skin are laid back down. It is then closed with sutures. Swelling can be expected after surgery. When the procedure is performed by a well-qualified surgeon, little or no scarring will be visible at the incision site. In most instances, the main disadvantage is the swelling. Occasionally, there could be scarring at the incision site.

Your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of the different approaches and recommend the best method for your unique situation. Both open and closed approaches yield favorable results under the care of Dr. Russo.

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