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Like Botox, Dysport is a neurotoxin injectable that works by weakening the targeted muscles, blocking the nerve signals for contraction. Both cosmetic drugs can be beneficial for softening several types of lines and wrinkles, as well as give the skin a “lift” by weakening muscles that pull down. Knowing how to use these injections to create the best result takes extreme skill. It also takes a profound understanding of the facial muscular structure, which Dr. Rousso offers at his clinic in NYC.

Dysport differs slightly from Botox at the molecular level, changing how much is needed for treatments and the area that it can affect. Dysport is best for larger areas or thicker muscles that respond well to the thinner solution and formula. As with all cosmetic injectables, the key is in knowing the correct placement and how to best use Dysport to get the results desired.

Dr. Rousso has a stellar reputation as a skilled and talented facial plastic surgeon, with a world-class practice in Manhattan. His knowledge and experience with the facial structures are integral to creating exceptional results using both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. In the hands of Dr. Rousso, Dysport and other cosmetic treatments can create results that look natural and enhance the beauty of your face.

Effective Frown Line and Wrinkle Reduction

Dysport is one of many options that can be used for creating a younger appearance to the face. Dr. Rousso can use Dysport alone or with a combination of procedures that can soften deep lines, add more volume to the face and create youthful contours. If you are interested in learning more about Dysport injections or any of the cosmetic facial enhancements offered at our New York facial plastic surgery clinic, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rousso.

What our patients are saying

  • Dr. Rousso was spectacular. Smart, listened to my issues, asked a variety of thoughtful questions to help identify and resolve my issue. Would absolutely recommend him to others. He was warm and personable and wonderful that he speaks Spanish. J. B.
  • My son had a cleft lip and now he looks like he never had it! Thank you so much! M. T.
  • Dr. Rousso is absolutely awesome! M. Z.
  • He was super kind and mindful of my comfort!!! Highly recc! G. R.
  • Dr. Rousso took his time and answered all of my questions or concerns. S. S.

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If you or a family member need facial plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery for aesthetic or functional issues in New York City, take the time to meet with Dr. Joseph Rousso for a consultation. His extensive education, experience and talent as a facial plastic surgeon cannot be surpassed, especially when it comes to balanced, natural-appearing results. Contact his office in Manhattan to schedule your consultation.

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Our Patient Reviews

Joseph J. Rousso, MD FACS

4.9 / 5.0

Based on 32 reviews

Nancy M.

They were very professional from the moment I walked in there. The doctor took the time to understand my pain and was ready to help and did a great job.

Lauren S.

Dr Rousso is patient, listens well and explains thoroughly. He has a warm manner and seems very knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

Joseph T.

Very personable doc – at no point in the appointment did I feel rushed. Great staff, too, and I was seen very quickly.

Cassandra F.

I love visits with Dr. Rousso. Always super nice, patient, thorough, and willing to answer any questions I have.

Lisa K.

Professional, informative, and didn't feel rushed. Was able to diagnose my condition.

Antonio V.

Dr Rousso is an excellent doctor, and my visit couldn’t be more pleasant. I highly recommend him.

Aaron B.

It appears Dr. Rousso diagnosed me both quickly and effectively. My symptoms are already clearing up!

Katherine T.

Dr Rousso gave me a great initial consult and a referral to a sinus specialist.