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Dr. Joseph Rousso of New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai discusses cleft lip and cleft palate surgery services. Click here to watch this video!

POST – Dr. Joseph J. Rousso Named 2019 Top Patient Rated New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon by Find Local Doctors READ MORE

Post – New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph J. Rousso Recently Invited to Speak at the 12th International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery Read more

POST – Dr. Joseph J. Rousso Featured As 2018 Top Patient Rated New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon by Find Local Doctors. READ MORE

SUPERDOCTORS – For a fifth year in a row Dr. Rousso was named to SuperDoctors rising star list, an honor given only to the top 2.5% of doctors, in both plastic surgery and head and neck surgery READ MORE

PUBLISHED – Dr. Rousso’s surgical technique for complex ear reconstruction was published on the prestigious peer-reviewed online surgical video site, Csurgery so that other surgeons can learn how to perform these techniques READ MORE

POST – As an expert in plastic surgery of the ears and in pediatric facial plastic surgery Dr. Rousso was asked to author a post on the topic of ear anomalies and bullying READ MORE

POST– Dr. Rousso was honored to be named EarWell’s Physician of the month for his minimally invasive techniques to infant ear molding.READ MORE

Concurrently, Dr. Rousso published an innovative use for the EarWell system for non-surgical correction of a very rare ear deformity called “Cryptotia” this was published in the Ear, Nose & Throat Journal.

Dr. Rousso’s publications have been recently featured in following journals: “Journal of Craniofacial Surgery” and “Facial Plastic Surgery”:

Analyzing Our International Facial Reconstructive Mission Work: A Review of Patients Treated by American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Sanctioned Trips. – a research article where we determined ways to improve care for children in lower income countries suffering from cleft lip and palate. Based on our data of over 26 international trips to 6 different countries that myself and others participated in we determined ways to improve the disparities in care between lower income and higher income countries. READ MORE

Quantitative Evaluation of Nasolabial Alterations following Nasoaveolar Molding (NAM) Therapy in Patients with Unilateral Cleft Lip. – a research article were we discuss our methods of getting improved aesthetic nose and lip results in babies born with cleft lip deformities by our methods of pre-surgical molding prior to surgery. READ MORE

Disparities in NOSE Scores and Surgical Approaches among Patients Undergoing Functional Rhinoplasty. – a research article looking at differences amongst functional results in different categories of rhinoplasty patients, and their improvements in breathing. READ MORE

What our patients are saying

  • Dr. Rousso was spectacular. Smart, listened to my issues, asked a variety of thoughtful questions to help identify and resolve my issue. Would absolutely recommend him to others. He was warm and personable and wonderful that he speaks Spanish. J. B.
  • My son had a cleft lip and now he looks like he never had it! Thank you so much! M. T.
  • Dr. Rousso is absolutely awesome! M. Z.
  • He was super kind and mindful of my comfort!!! Highly recc! G. R.
  • Dr. Rousso took his time and answered all of my questions or concerns. S. S.

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If you or a family member need facial plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery for aesthetic or functional issues in New York City, take the time to meet with Dr. Joseph Rousso for a consultation. His extensive education, experience and talent as a facial plastic surgeon cannot be surpassed, especially when it comes to balanced, natural-appearing results. Contact his office in Manhattan to schedule your consultation.

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