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Nasal Valve Repair Surgery

Your nasal valves are the frontal airway passages of the nose, located in the protruding three-dimensional structure. When these valves collapse or become obstructed, breathing can be difficult. While a temporary collapse of the valves can occur during certain activities (sleeping, sports, etc.), permanent obstructions can occur that impact the nasal function. Dr. Rousso offers nasal valve repair surgery to offer relief for his patients with collapsed valves to improve their health and comfort.

There are a few different common causes of nasal valve collapse. Unfortunately, one of the most common is a poorly executed nose job. When the nose is reshaped too narrow, it can appear pinched, and it can also cause obstruction inside the nose. Dr. Rousso is an expert at rhinoplasty revisions, including repairing nasal valves that have collapsed and improving the aesthetic appearance of a botched nose job.

Trauma and Congenital Nose Valve Repairs

The other two main causes of nose valve collapse or obstructions are trauma and congenital issues. Trauma or injury to the nose can occur in auto accidents, contact sports or to victims of violence, damaging the structure of the nose. For those with congenital issues in the nasal valves, they can collapse without any trauma due to weakness in the structure since birth.

Repairing nasal valves to relieve obstruction can be simple or complex, depending on the location of the collapse. A collapse near the front of the nose can be easier to repair versus one further back in the internal portion of the nose. Stents can be used for temporary relief. More extensive surgery is required for permanent restoration of the nasal valves, often involving cartilage grafts and other reconstructive techniques.

Dr. Rousso is one of the best nasal reconstruction plastic surgeons in New York City and can offer the best solutions for repairing collapsed nasal valves. Contact our office in Manhattan to schedule a consultation and learn more about nasal valve repairs.

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  • Dr. Rousso was spectacular. Smart, listened to my issues, asked a variety of thoughtful questions to help identify and resolve my issue. Would absolutely recommend him to others. He was warm and personable and wonderful that he speaks Spanish. J. B.
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  • Dr. Rousso is absolutely awesome! M. Z.
  • He was super kind and mindful of my comfort!!! Highly recc! G. R.
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They were very professional from the moment I walked in there. The doctor took the time to understand my pain and was ready to help and did a great job.

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Dr Rousso is patient, listens well and explains thoroughly. He has a warm manner and seems very knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

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Dr Rousso gave me a great initial consult and a referral to a sinus specialist.