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Three Reasons to Consider Getting an Otoplasty

Otoplasty surgery, otherwise known as “ear pinning”, is one of the common head and neck plastic surgeries that we offer in our Manhattan specialty practice. It’s a straightforward procedure that Dr. Rousso performs on patients of all ages of both genders. Why is an otoplasty something you may want to consider? An Inherited Family Trait

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Getting Rid of Under Eye Bags

Are your colleagues or children constantly making remarks about how tired you look? Even though you feel well rested and energetic, perhaps there are deep lines, bags, or shadows resting under your eyes that “say” the complete opposite? The help of our double-board certified plastic surgeon in New York, Dr. Joseph J. Rousso MD FACS,

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NYC Cosmetic Lip Repair

Is the shape, fullness, or contour of your lips playing an impact on your appearance or quality of life? Here are three types of cosmetic lip repair treatments that we perform in our Manhattan practice. Cleft Lip Surgery Repair of cleft lip and palate are some of the most complex and demanding types of facial

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Fat Transfer Cosmetic Facial Treatments

If you’ve you heard of terms like “fat grafting”, “fat injections”, or “fat transfer”, you may be wondering if it’s an option for your upcoming facial plastic surgery. This naturalistic-based process works by collecting adipose (fat) cells from other areas of your body, and then transferring them into the desired area to create a fuller,

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Ear Deformities and Bullying

Ear deformities and ear prominence can be extremely anxiety provoking in young children, particularly with the everyday fear of bullying that children may be subjected to. Teenagers and adults certainly feel the same level of anxiety that may cause them to lose confidence with their own appearance. Countless YouTube videos, blog posts and pinterest pages

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Types of Cosmetic Injectables in NYC

As a double-board certified facial and plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph J. Rousso is an expert when it comes to helping our NYC cosmetic patients select products and treatments that best enhance their appearance. When it comes to non-surgical options like injectables and fillers, the voices can seem overwhelming. Here are some of the most common

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NYC Plastic Surgery for Men

Women aren’t the only ones who are taking advantage of today’s technology when it comes to improving their appearance and self-confidence. Men make up a large number of the clients that we serve at our practice in Manhattan. What are some of our most popular male plastic surgery procedures? Here are just a few: Facelifts

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Microtia: Manhattan Ear Reconstruction

About once in every 6,000 to 10,000 births, one of us is born with a misshaped ear or an ear that’s a different size than what’s typical. We “grade” these atypical ear shapes starting with minor irregularities to a complete lack of external ear structure. Ear reconstruction requires particular skill and expertise, especially for more

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Eyelid Lifts in NYC

Have you noticed saggy, stretched, or excess skin around your eyes? Whether it’s the upper or lower eyelid, this loose tissue can make you look older or more tired than you really are. A great solution for puffy eyelids is an eyelid lift with NYC specialist, Dr. Joseph Rousso. What is a Blepharoplasty? A blepharoplasty

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Finding a Facial Reconstructive Surgeon

If you’ve experienced a serious injury such as an automobile wreck, traumatic accident, or have even been the victim of domestic abuse, the scars left behind can be far greater than skin-deep. But for the ones that show, you need a great facial plastic surgery team who can help you look and feel confident again.

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Nancy M.

They were very professional from the moment I walked in there. The doctor took the time to understand my pain and was ready to help and did a great job.

Lauren S.

Dr Rousso is patient, listens well and explains thoroughly. He has a warm manner and seems very knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

Joseph T.

Very personable doc – at no point in the appointment did I feel rushed. Great staff, too, and I was seen very quickly.

Cassandra F.

I love visits with Dr. Rousso. Always super nice, patient, thorough, and willing to answer any questions I have.

Lisa K.

Professional, informative, and didn't feel rushed. Was able to diagnose my condition.

Antonio V.

Dr Rousso is an excellent doctor, and my visit couldn’t be more pleasant. I highly recommend him.

Aaron B.

It appears Dr. Rousso diagnosed me both quickly and effectively. My symptoms are already clearing up!

Katherine T.

Dr Rousso gave me a great initial consult and a referral to a sinus specialist.